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Our current push is to help Wes Delk.  He has not asked
for our help and probably never would.
But, his friends and family have brought to our attention
his critical needs.   
He is experiencing a seriously rough patch which can only be smoothed by love and help from his friends.
Wes is overwhelmed as he wages an enormous battle right now for his health and well-being, all while trying
to stay financially afloat.  
Your donation, no matter how small, can make a big difference.
Let's show Wes he is not alone and can count on his
friends and colleagues even when he wouldn't think of asking!
100% of all funds raised through this link between
11/8/2019 and 01/10/20 will go directly to help Wes Delk.
Thank you!

 Extend Your Hand to A Friend in Need

Artist2artist thanks you for your help.  if you can't make a cash donation, why not consider donating an item for our Next silent auction,
or volunteer to help?
Let us know what you
would like to do below...