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Party with a Purpose!

The Athens area is rich
with  artists pursuing their passion for music, theater, spoken word, art & comedy.  
They rush to benefit others
without hesitation.  
Yet little has been done
to support them while lifting the disadvantaged in our community. 
Until now.

Relive the Magic!
Benefit for Athens Area Children
February 25, 2020
Photo Credit:  Daniel Borremans


The Athens arts community is a generous and dedicated group.  Each of them has been faced with major setbacks at one time or another from having their musical instrument stolen, to not having enough to satisfy their co-pay when health problems arise.  To where do they turn when they have answered every call to meet a need for others?  You now have Artist2Artist.

We recognize the contribution they make to the public and the enhancements to Athens through practicing their art.  Life without them would indeed change the very energy of the city and one of the most significant reasons we choose to live here.  Without them a myriad of unfunded needs would continue to go unmet.  They are critical to the balance of our city and the stability of our citizens.

Artist2Artist commits to providing events during which performers will be modestly compensated, while also raising funds.  We will, with the approval of our Board Members, address worthy, non-political requests for assistance if unexpected urgent and uncovered losses render them unable to pursue their art.  Funds will also be focused on lifting up our community as a whole, with each event having a local  

need targeted as the beneficiary of the net proceeds.

Once established we are hoping to be able to award an Artist of the Year stipend to someone who exemplifies the qualities of being true to their art, and dedicated to sharing it with the community by enhancing the lives of the people they touch.  

Artist2Artist, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) organization providing support to
unmet needs to the performing
arts and Athens area communities.
Board of Directors 2023 - 2025
Lisa Mende, President
Lisa Allen, Vice President
Jean Biddle, Secretary-Treasurer
Troy Aubrey, Member-at-Large
David Strickland, Member-at-Large
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